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George V.
George V.
Sr. DevOps Engineer @ Deloitte Digital Romania

General Info

I like messing around with nearly anything that’s tech related, I’ve done a bunch of things ranging from programming software to hacking hardware, creating 3D models, game development, networking, etc. I could list all the things I’ve tried but most were just introductory stuff in order to get the basics.

The things where I think I’m doing my best would be general automation and problem solving since these things can be applied to any kind of software, programming language or whatever else.

What I use

Anything that I consider to be good for the job!? For the moment these are the things I feel most comfortable using:

  • Linux - Because fuck Windows as a server OS, and MacOS has no parity (hello sed and grep) and simply IS a dumbed-down, locked OS that is trying to stop you from actually being productive (what is window management? proper side buttons on a mouse? what’s that)
  • Ansible - For provisioning servers and configuration management
  • Docker - Anytime I need to run something quickly and I don’t want to install system packages just to run one thing
  • Kubernetes - For running things at scale, especially when there are a lot of apps that need to communicate with each other
  • Borgmatic - When I need to automate backups, runs borg under the hood but it’s much easier to manage and has a lot of integrations
  • Healthchecks - Whenever I need to make sure scheduled jobs run on time
  • Prometheus, Grafana - Metrics monitoring stack, paired with Alertmanager